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Supreme is one of the Taiwan's leading manufacturers of magnetic products and our customers widely located in Asia,USA, Africa and other regions.

In order to provide our customers the high quality products,we always ensure competitive pricing, better quality and prompt delivery service.We strive to build a long-time, trusty and faithful business relationship with customers. We are looking forward to meet customers's expectation and requests.

[Manufacturing and Research]
Supreme was founded in 1997 dedicated to research, design and manufacture transformers and magnetic components which be suit for various applications. We have two manufacturing bases in Fuzhou and Henan, China, those are equipped with automatic winding, soldering and testing machines.Total production capacity will be 3KK pcs around per month.

Our product category contains xDSL,FAX/USB/PCI/MDC MODEM,TELECOM(T1/E1,ISDN..etc), EFD transformer, PoE/power chokes and inductors.

Over 10 years our engineers and technicians were skilled and engaged in various components to ensure our products meet safety agency requirements such as CSA, NEMKO, Bauart, EN60950-1 and IEC60950-1 ,be underwent as ISO9001 certification since 2002. Besides,parts and used materials should be met with rohs definition. Our business partners includes HP, Conexant, Foxconn, Flex, Cal-Comp, Lite-on, and so on.

[Quality Policy]
To meet our customers’quality demands,Supreme provides its employees with on-job training in all fields.Our products based on qualified and experienced processing and expect zero defects through TQM at our best.

Overall,we are pleased to hear your sample request for our standard parts or other tailor-made specs be grated! We are willing to serve and support you as our best as we could.